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Gluten Free Budapest: 12+ Dedicated Gluten Free Spots

I have to admit – when I first started planning a trip to Budapest, I made sure to book an Airbnb so that I would have a kitchen just in case there weren’t many places that I could eat. I wasn’t quite sure if I would find many gluten free restaurants in Budapest.

This guide to eating gluten free in Budapest was last updated in October 2020, when I researched and added several new 100% gluten free restaurants in Budapest.

When I started researching what the gluten free food scene looked like in Budapest, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a plethora of gluten free restaurants in Budapest catering to people with Celiac Disease.

And now? Since my last trip to one of my favorite cities in the world back in 2018, there are now at least ten DEDICATED Budapest gluten free restaurants. That’s more than San Francisco! And most of them are actually bakeries, which means you get to safely enjoy Hungarian pastries, which are a big part of life based on my Hungarian great-grandmother’s baking skills.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe thanks to the Danube, has phenomenal wine that is ~$3 a glass, AND has a thriving gluten free dining scene?

I know what you’re thinking: SIGN. ME. UP.

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Gluten Free Budapest: The Complete Travel Guide for Celiacs

I want you to be able to confidently and safely travel to Budapest with Celiac Disease and have unforgettable an experience.

Here is a gluten free restaurant card in Hungarian to print out and take with you to Budapest to overcome the language barrier. Gluten free in Hungarian is “Gluténmentes,” but good luck pronouncing that.

If you’re looking for supermarkets with gluten free options, I came across two: SPAR and DM (Drogerie Markt). Both had a pretty good selection of Schar products, including bread, crackers, and cookies, alongside other gluten free products. A lot of things were labeled gluten free (look for “gluténmentes” on the package) like hummus and lunch meat, so you can grab some sandwich materials and enjoy a packed picnic for lunch one day, or homemade breakfast sandwiches before heading out for the day.

Here’s the Google Map that I put together for this trip, complete with things to do, photography spots, and most importantly, gluten free Budapest restaurants that are safe for celiacs.

Beautiful Budapest Parliament Building

The Best Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurants in Budapest

Here are the best dedicated gluten free spots in Budapest, in no particular order.

Drop – My Top Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant in Budapest

Is there anything better as a celiac than being at a restaurant where they don’t even allow gluten on the premises? Eating out as a celiac can be (read: usually is) stressful. Then there’s places like Drop.

Drop Gluten Free Budapest

Taking the stress out of eating out is something you get when you choose dedicated gluten free restaurants.

When I originally googled “gluten free Budapest,” this was the first result on every list. I was stoked to check it out. I was genuinely not expecting to find any dedicated gluten free restaurants in Budapest.

We sat down for lunch on the patio at about 1pm on a bright sunny day and were greeted by a smiling server. She assured me that their entire menu was gluten free, and that they didn’t allow gluten in the restaurant. At all.

Ecstatic, I pored over the menu trying to decide what to order. So many options! We settled on sharing the grilled cheese salad to start, and ended up getting the BBQ burger and the risotto for our main courses.

The food was excellent, although it was a bit more expensive than some of the other places we ate. Well worth it for the peace of mind if you ask me.

Dedicated Gluten Free Budapest Restaurant Drop
Dedicated Gluten Free Budapest Restaurant Drop

Cöli Bisztró: Dedicated Gluten Free Budapest Restaurant

I didn’t really know what to expect when I headed to Cöli Bisztró.

You’ll find a wide selection of gluten free eats – from gluten free pizzas, to pastries, sandwiches, and more.

All 100% gluten free.

Oh, and they have a good selection of gluten free packaged goods in a small section of their shop that is basically a small gluten free grocery store.

Well worth a stop while you’re in Budapest. Particularly good for a quick lunch in between sightseeing stops.

Don’t miss the cakes and the pizzas.

Maja Gluten Free Bistro: My Biggest Regret in Budapest

To be completely clear, I didn’t end up making it here. But I should have.

We were tired, sitting at a wine bar and spping some fantastic Hungarian wine, and said “meh – it’s too far, a little out of the way, I don’t really want it that bad.” And just like that, I made a mistake that I would regret for literally years. Here I am in 2020 looking at pictures of their food, and wishing I had just gone.

This is the best combination of good gluten free Hungarian food at an affordable price in Budapest.

The menu changes daily, but it is always 100% gluten free and lactose free! You can find the most current menu posted weekly on their Facebook page. It usually consists of a soup, a couple of main dish options, and a dessert. All-in, it will cost you around $12 USD for a completely gluten free 3 course meal.

Did I mention that I messed up by skipping this place? Don’t make the same mistake. It’s on the Buda side of the river about 20 minutes south of the Great Market Hall (and across the river).

For a perfect day in Budapest, head to Tamp and Pull for coffee, the Great Market Hall to check it out and shop for fresh fruit, veggies, and spices, then climb to Citadella for one of the best views in Budapest, rest your legs at the Gellert Baths (my favorite in Budapest – that architecture is incredible), and finally eat at Maja Bistro. End with a glass of Hungarian wine and a stroll along the Danube, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable day.

Kata: Another Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant in Budapest

Sick of reading about dedicated gluten free options in Budapest yet? Too bad. We’re barely half way through. Kata is another 100% gluten and lactose free restaurant in Budapest that I don’t think was there on my last trip.

It happens to be right next to Drop, which means it’s in a super central location in Budapest.

Similar to Drop, it’s a little pricey, and is definitely more expensive than a lot of other options on this list. Still, it’s worth a stop. The menu rotates and the best place to find it (in Hungarian though) is on their Facebook page.

Great Bistro: 100% Gluten Free and Vegan Food in Central Budapest

Great Bistro (notably not named “humble bistro”) is another new discovery that I came across as I was updating this guide in 2020.

Back in 2018, I probably would have skipped this spot because “vegan food is gross.” But today, in 2020, I’m all about the gluten free & plant-based food. Fried cauliflower wings are my favorite, and have completely eliminated the need for chicken wings in my life.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

Oh. Right. Great Bistro.

Gluten free. Vegan. And at the top of my list for my next foray into the Budapest gluten free dining scene. You’ll find soup, salad, sandwiches, and even buckwheat pancakes (unexpected, but I’ll take it).

Manioka Gluténmentes Pékség: A 100% Gluten Free Budapest Bakery

If you want to try traditional Hungarian baked goods that you’ll see everywhere in Budapest, go to Manioka.

You’ll find gluten free strudel, cakes, and other Hungarian baked goods. Make sure to get there early – I had to go back on the second day because they sold out before I got there!

You won’t want to miss the strudels – they had an apple strudel when I was there in September that was PHENOMENAL.

I loved Manioka, and you should absolutely make an effort to add it to your gluten free Budapest itinerary.

The Best Gluten Free Bakery in Budapest: Free! Gluten Free Bakery

Free! is a must-stop on any Celiac’s trip to Budapest. It’s the best gluten free bakery in Budapest (given, I only tried a few because most didn’t exist on my last trip).

Gluten Free Bakery Budapest

We stopped by twice, and would have come back for more if we had more time.

Located in the Jewish quarter, they have a wide variety of baked goods from rolls, to cinnamon rolls, to cookies, to brownies, to pizza.

On our first day, we stopped in for lunch and grabbed some pizza. I had a slice of sour cream, cheese and potato pizza and it was fantastic.

The next morning, I demanded another visit, and had some cinnamon rolls and an egg bake muffin thing. Equally delicious.

Gluten Free Pizza Budapest

5 More Gluten Free Bakeries, and Cafes in Budapest

Here are four more 100% gluten free bakeries and cafes in Budapest that are worth visiting.

NoGlu: Another 100% gluten free bakery and cafe. Located ~15 minutes north of the castle on the Buda side. And no, it’s not the same Noglu as the one in Paris and NYC.

Sugar Free Monkey: A gluten, lactose, and sugar free bakery in Central Budapest. Cakes, coffee, and ice cream? What more could you want? You’ll also find things like sandwiches and paninis (are those different?) which makes it a great stop for a quick lunch along the bustling Raday Street.

Tibidabo Gluten Free Bakery: Wide range of 100% gluten free baked goods. Great for breakfast or lunch with made to order sandwiches and a nice selection of gluten free pastries. Grab some for now, and later! Also have a nice selection of gluten free groceries.

Naspolya Nassolda: Health conscious and gluten, milk, egg and added sugar free bakery in the heart of central Budapest. Come for the desserts – they’re the star of the show!

Táplálékallergia Centrum és Webáruház: Good luck pronouncing this one. The highlight here is the breads. It’s a little out of the way – about 30 minutes north of St. Stephen’s Basilica – but it’s worth a stop if you find yourself at the Nyugati train station. From there, it’s only 20 minutes.

Other Gluten Free Budapest Restaurants

Here are a few more options in Budapest where you can eat gluten free. These are NOT dedicated gluten free, so you’ll want to double check that they meet your needs in terms of cross-contamination. Things change in kitchens all the time, so you need to confirm that they are still safe when you visit.

Gluten Free Tapas at Pata Negra in Budapest

This place was so good, we ate there twice.

It’s not a dedicated gluten free restaurant, but the menu outlines what dishes are gluten free, and I talked to the chef who assured me that they would prepare our dishes separately to make sure they were 100% gluten free.

They have two locations, one on the Pest side of the river and one on the Buda side, and we visited the Pest location both times.

Pata Negra Pest has a nicely decorated interior and a great outdoor patio for those warm Budapest nights. They have a Spanish-centric wine menu to compliment the extensive tapas menu, and excellent Sangria.

The highlights from our two meals at Pata Negra were the setas a la crema (mushrooms, garlic, pepperoni, cream), the pollo al ajillio (garlic chicken with pepperoni) and the duck breast with apples and  balsamic.

I would highly recommend Pata Negra as part of your trip, and consider it the best gluten free restaurant in Budapest that I visited.

Fine Dining at Budapest Restaurant Bistro Fine

First, the positives.

They brought out gluten free bread and butter when I told them I was a celiac, and they were extremely helpful in telling me what I could and couldn’t eat, including telling me to avoid things that were fried because of the shared fryer.

Also, the gluten free goulash was phenomenal.

Now for the negatives.

Everything else we ordered was strictly okay.

While I felt totally safe eating at Bistro Fine, I think you can probably do better in terms of delicious gluten free food.

Where to Stay in Budapest

To be close to everything, including St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the bridges, and the Great Market Hall, you should stay on the Pest side of Budapest (East of the Danube).

I would recommend staying in an Airbnb while you’re in Budapest. They are affordable, available, and awesome. You can often find solid options throughout Central Budapest for under $50 a night.

3 Awesome Airbnbs in Budapest:

Cosy Downtown Loft over a Secret Garden

Vibrant and Artful Apartment With an Adorable Secret Balcony

Designer Dream Home at the St. Stephen Basilica

Five Awesome Budapest Coffee Shops To Visit

I love coffee. I enjoy exploring coffee on my own at home, trying new beans and ways of brewing, and by seeking out the best coffee shops in any city I’m visiting. Budapest was no different, though I was not quite sure what Budapest coffee shops would be like. Would it be more Starbucks? More Sightglass? More Blue Bottle?

I’m not a coffee expert by any means, but I do drink a lot of coffee. More of a hobbyist by necessity.

In some European cities, I’ve found the coffee scene to be pretty mediocre. You can get coffee nearly anywhere, but it is all strictly okay. In Budapest, I was surprised to find a thriving third wave coffee scene, complete with pour over stations, single origin espresso, and the minimalist décor you might see at the local hipster hangout in the United States.

The best part? The average cappuccino was usually around $2. AND IT WAS GOOD COFFEE.

I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of specialty Budapest coffee shops, and I wanted to share the five that I stopped at on my latest trip to Budapest.

My Little Melbourne

This place took me on a trip down memory lane, from Budapest to the best coffee city in the world, Melbourne, Australia.

It is a little hole in the wall just off of the main drag in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. I quickly learned that the Hungarian owners also love the coffee scene in Melbourne. So much so that it inspired them to open up their own shop in Budapest, inspired by their adventures in Australia’s best coffee city.

I walked into the wafting smell of coffee and fresh baked goods. They had an interesting system for the baked goods (definitely not GF) that I hadn’t really seen before, where the customer would pay, then grab their own croissant (or other baked good) out of a big bin next to the register. It was kind of a refreshing way to do it, rather than the usual glass case full of gluten.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the La Marzocco machine at the back wall, I knew I was in the right place. They only serve espresso-based drinks at the (tiny) original location, but they have a Brew bar with cold brew and pour over coffee next door.

They also have a couple of other locations around the city, and seem to be creating quite the specialty coffee empire in Budapest.

Tamp & Pull

This place was another hole in the wall, and I mean that in the most pleasant way possible.

Budapest Coffee Shop Tamp & Pull

They could have named it “Hipster’s Paradise” and I would have walked in and said to myself “yup checks out.”

It’s a few blocks south of the Great Market Hall, and it’s well worth a trip. I was super happy to see some single origin espresso options, as well as filter coffee, on the menu.

I got a double espresso, made with single origin beans from Rwanda. The coffee was a bit more acidic than I’m used to, but it was well done.

The service was friendly, and it was pretty clear that they take their coffee seriously.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it is cash only, and REALLY small. They would have trouble seating more than 6-8 people at a time indoors. The good news? You’re maybe two blocks away from the Danube promenade, so if it’s packed, grab it to go and enjoy the view!

Also worth noting, one of their baristas has won a bunch of Hungarian Barista competitions in a row, so that’s a good sign!

Budapest Baristas

This was the best cappuccino I had in Budapest. Smooth. Creamy. Perfect foam. The whole nine yards.

Budapest Coffee Shop Budapest Baristas

Walking in, I was reminded of other specialty coffee shops around the world – wood panels, white walls, minimalist décor, etc.

The downside? The service was downright cold. And not just for me, who clearly is a non-Hungarian speaking tourist, but also for people who seemed to be locals.

That being said, a great cup of coffee is usually more than worth a few seconds of bad service, so I’d happily recommend them for a cup of specialty coffee in Budapest. Hakuna Matata.

They also had chai on the menu, so Alysha enjoyed a chai tea latte that was actually really good!

Espresso Embassy

First of all, this place was SUPER busy when we went. Not surprising considering it is centrally located near a bunch of the main tourist attractions.

The crowds didn’t stop the baristas who were behind the counter doing their thing pumping out mostly espresso-based drinks with ruthless efficiency. They had single origin beans and alternative brewing methods too.

I ordered a flat white, and while I waited I admired the space. What do you know, light paneled wood! They mixed the white walls with exposed brick though, which was a refreshing touch.

Despite being super busy, the staff were all friendly. I asked about the beans they were using, and the person behind the counter answered my question with a smile and didn’t miss a beat on the drink she was making. Color me impressed.

Well worth a stop if you’re near St. Stephen’s Basilica and in need of some fantastic coffee.

Madal Café

Before my trip, I plotted Budapest Coffee Shops on my Google Map of gluten free Budapest.This place was not on it, but it is now.

On our last day in Budapest, it was sunny and warm without a single cloud in the sky. Perfect outdoor drinking weather. The only issue was that it was before 10am.

Let me set the scene.

We were walking down Ferenciek tere on our way back to our Airbnb from an early morning exploration of the Buda side of the city. I had only had a Nespresso shot before we left early that morning. I could hear the little voice in the back of my head saying “MATT WHERE’S MY COFFEE.”


“Wait, what is that on the right? A nice outdoor patio. Happy people contentedly sipping espresso outside. That sure looks pleasant.”

Best Budapest Coffee Shop

So we stopped, and I’m glad we did.

Not only did the barista NOT laugh at me when I stumbled through my order in Hungarian, they were all extremely friendly and pleasant, which is not necessarily something I found everywhere in Budapest. The coffee was great (not as good as Budapest Baristas, but extremely solid). Solid coffee and a welcoming patio (also pretty spacious inside) combined with the friendly service makes this my favorite place to enjoy a coffee on a sunny day in Budapest.

Budapest Coffee Shops

Again, for the interior, think wood paneled, white walls, and a La Marzocco machine. Fairly standard décor.

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